Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LOVE my banner for my blog!!!

Oh Carm is awesome!!! She made my banner for up top of my blog, AND told me how to put it there, cuz I was clueless! LOL. I think she put up a couple more on her site OR if you don't see one just email her, she will work with you to make one. Go see her at Thanks a million Carm!

Do not judge me by my CLOSET!!

OMG, I think this may explain my life chaos. I am a procrastinator. So, what happens when I am rushing around last minute? I get flustered, I fly upstairs, throw open the closet door....where's the paint? where's the doll hair? where's my fall fabric? where is ANYTHING???? I throw open boxes, pull stuff out of nice and neat piles, and throw it out of my way to keep looking when I don't find it. What happens after a couple of weeks? CHAOS!!! I cannot believe I am going to share a picture with you of this! OMG....I've lost my mind! This is the beginning of fixing my crafting chaos. I am going to ENTER the closet! Okay, maybe not yet, but I'll pull a few things out and feel like I've started, lol. Until I get this done, there is NO way to attempt to do any UFO's!

So, are you brave? Would you have posted that picture? I wouldn't expect you to say yes, lol. It's okay, you can tell me it's a pigsty, I agree. I hope to post a pic soon of a much improved closet!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


You cannot tell me you don't know about them, cannot tell me you don't have them. Just because they're under the bed, behind the closet door, in the attic or hidden in your undies drawer doesn't mean they don't exist! I am ADDICTED to UFO's!!!! You know, the Un - Finished - Objects.

I HAVE ISSUES!!! I absolutely love to start new things, I love to buy new patterns, I love to buy fabric, love to dream I guess. But apparently from looking in my closet, I LOVE to not finish anything! I am going to climb into it tomorrow, and I'm going to count. Oh forget it! I can't even begin to do that!

So, my mission this next 2 finish a project! Or two or three! LOL. Anyone want to join me? I know it's a busy time for everyone, lots of you involved in craft shows and what-not. doesn't have to be something for YOU to complete. Do you have something unfinished that you can add to that show? Grab it!

What's stopping you? I would love to know your thoughts when you ask yourself, what's stopping me. Leave me some comments so I know. Ask yourself, and what is your first thoughts? I say I don't have time. But, here I sit at the computer and instead, I could be.....oh, you know, I just can't say it. All the projects I could finish if I'd just BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!

So, if you'd like to join me, go grab something unfinished. Blow the dust off, and figure out what you need to do to finish it. I'm off to go find mine..........................